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Straight out the gate this is no ordinary ice cream maker as we review the Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Maker.  If you’re like me and love ice cream then you’re going to love the idea of frozen fruit ice cream for a healthy alternative to ice cream.  The machine turns any frozen fruit into a product that resembles the same texture as frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream.  But with all the health benefits of fruit, which means you can surely eat this delicious treat more often.   It’s important that you know that the main ingredient that has to be used with the Yonanas 902 is bananas.  So right away of you or your family don’t like bananas then I wouldn’t recommend buying this product.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Maker Video Review

Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Maker Video ReviewHowever if you are interested in buying one, we found that Amazon.com has a great price on the  Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Maker and they also include free delivery on this item, which saves on extra cost.  Just follow this link to see the latest offers available on the Yonanas 902.  You also need to know that you need plenty of time to prepare the ingredients for this machine, and don’t expect to be able just to whip something together in five minutes.  Your bananas must be ripe, peeled and then frozen for 24-hours prior to use.  And any additional frozen fruit that you also want to add to your mix needs to be prepared in the same way.  Then you need to thaw them for about 5-minutes also prior to use.  Its really important to make sure that the fruit is thawed out properly or this could easily lead to burning the motor out.  Your going to need 4 bananas if your not mixing any other fruit, which should feed 2 people.  Fire the machine up and simply place your fruit into the top of the product, then using the plunger push the fruit into the product.  Once all of your fruit has gone through the machine, simply mix it up to ensure a consistent blend.  We found that a lot of the mixture was left behind in the machine and its best to remove this before you clean the product up.

Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Maker Product Details

  • Yonanas instantly turns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a delicious and healthy soft-serve treat.
  • The unit instantly churns the ingredients to produce a treat with the texture of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream
  • The chute easily accepts berries, sliced mango, or cantaloupe along with frozen banana to incorporate the fruit into a silky-smooth confection
  • Yonanas Includes instructions and a list of recipes. Plugs into AC. 14″ H x 7 1/2″ W x 6″ D.
  • The chute, plunger, and blade are dishwasher safe

Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews

Yonanas 902 review

Despite its strange appearance this machine does what it says on the box, and will make a great healthy alternative to ice cream.  We found the machine to be very loud when in use and this is the biggest problem that everyone seems to complain about with this product.

Its not just a banana masher, it actually changes the texture of the banana and makes a creamy paste that has the same consistency as frozen ice cream.  Its a great way to make sure that your eating your daily amount of fruit, and kids simply love the taste from this.

Preparation time can be a pain so make sure that you have a lot of frozen fruit in your freezer at all times.  Cleaning the machine is easy, all of the parts are dish washer safe, and can simply be dismantled and washed in warm soapy water.

Its fast becoming a top selling product and its easy to understand why with the amazing health and life benefits of fresh fruit.

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Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Maker Review Summary

The Yonanas 902 makes a delicious healthy alternative to home or factory made ice cream and at a fraction of the cost compared to ice cream.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

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The Yonanas 902 ice cream maker is a great addition to any kitchen, it makes something very close to soft serve ice cream that is incredibly nutritional and creamy in texture.  We loved this product and scored it a very respectful 4 out of 5 for the Yonanas 902 ice cream maker.

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